What you can find here: occasional findings from my love of learning, along with personal stories, curiosities, musings & more.

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I'm Lauren  — Certified Breathwork Teacher, Integrative Health Coach & Holistic Nutritionist.
My work is in guiding and supporting others back home: to their bodies, to their wholeness, & to the innate wisdom & power we all have within. It all starts with the relationship we have to ourselves. We work on cultivating one from a place of compassion & curiosity. 

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Healing My Relationship With Myself: The Path To True Wellness

Breast Implant Illness: My Experience, Symptoms & Explant

Lessons On Needing More Space In Our Lives

CBD Oil: What It Is, My Personal Experience & Health Benefits

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May 2021 Newsletter: Spring 2021. Can you believe it? I feel like this past year has flown by and crept by all at the same time. But, here we are, emerging from what feels like a proverbial, year-long cocoon. Or at least, ready to emerge! Kind of like a flower ready to blossom, but also […]

What Would It Feel Like To Truly Blossom?

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Post from Dec. 2018 that I transferred over from my old blog that still resonates deeply with me today. It’s wild looking back and seeing what was going on for me during this time, what I now know to be a journey back home to myself/waking up/healing a lifetime of wounds and survival beliefs/patterns (along […]

Creating More Space In Our Lives

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This is a post from 2018 that I transferred over from my old blog.  I’ve been able to heal many of the symptoms I write about here: insomnia, anxiety & chronic inflammation (all related) by getting to the root cause, which I believe is the most important approach to actually healing. I’m re-sharing because I […]

CBD Oil: What It Is, My Personal Experience & Health Benefits

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This post is from April 2019 (Moved over from a previous blog, because it’s still such an important topic to continue bringing awareness to.) I’m now 2 years post-explant and can see where my symptoms truly started shortly after getting the implants. The last 2 years have been a journey. Relief was instant, but healing […]

Breast Implant Illness: My Personal Experience, Symptoms & Choosing Explant Surgery

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