What is breathwork?

Breathwork is a somatic practice and embodiment experience that takes you out of the thinking mind and into your body. It creates space and safety within to release energy stored from unprocessed emotions and survival stress. It's a practice for coming home to yourself, creating safety within, opening your heart, connecting to your intuition, and cultivating a compassionate, trusting, & intimate relationship with yourself. It's an opportunity to clear stagnate emotions and energy through the body, making space for what nourishes, supports, and expands you. This is such an important time to lean into the practices that can hold you and support you in clearing and transforming all you're holding. 

Clears stored energy & emotions
Dissolves limiting beliefs
Strengthens intuition
Supports nervous system regulation
Supports emotional regulation 
Heals stored trauma 
Soothes stored grief
Relieves stress & anxiety 
Stimulates creativity
Enhances inner clarity 
Opens the heart 
Promotes relaxation
Improves sleep patterns 
Enhances immune function

Session Details:

I'm currently offering 1-1 & group sessions. The 1-1 guided breathwork is a 75 minute session, currently taking place virtually (via Zoom). This allows you to practice in a comfortable location at home. Groups are 90 minutes and are currently being offered virtually, as well as in person in Atlanta, GA. Please inquire if you are interested in an in person session in Atlanta. 

Each breathwork session is unique, based on your needs, intentions, and where you are at the time. We start with inquiry, intention setting, and creating a grounded, safe place within. We then move into 40 mins. of guided breathing, bringing you out of the thinking mind and into the body. This deeper connection with yourself & the present moment is where the magic happens. Where life happens. Where awareness, compassion, acceptance, trust, safety, love, wholeness, peace and so much more are returned to. Within your own body! Time is provided at the end to discuss anything that comes up during the session. 


1-1 breathwork

group breathwork


Experience the power of breathwork for yourself. 


"It was a very powerful healing experience emotionally and I felt deeply connected on a spiritual level. Lauren did an amazing job teaching me about the practice and guiding me through the session. She is such a kind soul and a wonderful breathwork facilitator. Following the session, I  felt so much more clear headed and energized, as well as more patient with my young girls. I could tell that really freed up a lot of mental space and helped me feel much more at peace internally."

Ginny M.