I'm Lauren,


                     facilitator,                  wellness coach,  &               guide.




Also a wildly curious, creative, highly sensitive, contemplative, forever learning and expanding human. Wiggle room is my friend. 

My Journey

I hit a place about 4 years ago where I knew could no longer live life the way that I was living it. My life looked fine externally. I mean, according to the values I was conditioned to live by. But there was a lot coming up internally that I never learned to truly be with. Pain. Fear. Grief. It didn't make a lot of sense to my mind, but there was a part of me that knew it was time to give my internal world attention. I had to release shame from my experience and know that it was surfacing for a reason, not because something was wrong with me or because I was broken. That required me to confront a lot of beliefs about who I was and what I was taught. I knew that healing would require a shift in all aspects of my life.  I could no longer put myself last. I could no longer carry around harmful beliefs + shame about who I was. I could no longer live disconnected from my body, my emotions, my gifts, my needs, or my intuition. I could no longer live out of alignment with my true nature and values. It was my call back home to myself, to my worthiness & wholeness, to my true essence, and to the wisdom that my body held that I ignored for so long.

  I dove into learning all I could, allowing my body and intuition to lead the way. It was truly a beautiful journey of discovery and remembering. A lifelong journey I'll forever be on. I've been lead to many different healing modalities, mentors, and experiences that have unlocked different parts of myself that I had forgotten about or buried under heaps of armor. My sensitivity, my creativity, my enthusiasm, & so much more! Throughout it all, I've been brought back to a different way of living that our modern society is so incredibly removed from. Ancient and sacred ways. Ways we were designed to live. Ways we were designed to relate to ourselves and others. Ways I've always known in my bones. The journey has lead me to so much of what I wanted in life but either didn't have the language for, hadn't witnessed as a possibility, or couldn't truly create living from outdated beliefs and unhealed wounds that kept me hooked into stories & patterns that weren't mine to live out. A different way is possible. 

I believe life is always sending us invitations to pay attention and turn inwards, often in whispers before they become screams. But we know that ignoring these messages is normalized, and often glorified. That's why I'm here! Because I know how incredibly important it is to start listening. I know the healing and freedom that come from reclaiming agency over your life, cultivating a compassionate, nourishing relationship with yourself, and creating a life that's in alignment with your true nature, one where you are deeply connected to your worthiness, your wholeness, and your wisdom.

We receive so many messages and experience many things in life that have us at war with our bodies, our needs, our emotions, and so many beautiful parts of who we are. We learn to put bandaids on symptoms, to suppress our emotions, to ignore our needs, to bury our gifts and to shut down our intuition. We eventually begin to live in a state of fear + disconnection, doubting our own goodness + deservingness, and pushing aside our desire (and need!) for nourishment, joy, deep connection, meaning, and belonging. My hope and mission is to be a part of changing those stories and ways of living for a deeply embodied and expressed life. A life that honors the truth of who you are and the wisdom that your body holds.  Are you ready to come home to yourself? I believe it's the best gift we can ever give to ourselves + the world. 

I devoted myself to becoming my best caretaker, treating myself with compassion, accepting all of who I was, & learning to truly love, listen to, trust and cherish myself.

Lauren Faulk is a certified Breathwork Facilitator & Holistic Health Coach / Nutritionist. She began her wellness career in the area of nutrition, which has evolved & expanded greatly over the last decade. She believes that transforming the way way we see and relate to ourselves, creating a sense of safety within, and living in alignment with our true nature is the foundation for a healthy life and society. Lauren takes a holistic and integrative approach that acknowledges the connection between the mind, body, soul & environment; honoring its innate capacity to heal and return to a state of vitality and wholeness. 

She believes emotions, as well as physical or mental symptoms, are messengers showing us where to direct our attention and care. Her work is to guide and support clients in learning to listen and bring awareness to the body and its language; to their emotions and the core wounds and beliefs that subconsciously operate below the surface. By bringing these to light, knowing that they serve a purpose, and then somatically releasing the emotional energy bound to them, clients clear energetic constriction from their body and life. This opens up the door a relationship and life of compassion, acceptance, and trust. Lauren provides 1:1 breathwork sessions, group sessions, workshops, & coaching to hold space for clients in this process, empowering them to rewrite the stories that go against their truth and to remember the wisdom, power & gifts that they have within. 

Be and create what you want to see in the world! 

Words I live by: 

Are you ready to remember your wholeness & reconnect to the wisdom you hold within?

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