Hi, I'm Lauren,
and I'm so glad you're here! 

I'm a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Nutritionist, Breathwork Facilitator, MotherCircle Faciliator

I'm also a wildly curious, creative, sensitive, contemplative, forever evolving human. I love nature, deeply. It guides and informs much of my work here, a part of that being bringing my own seeds that are within me to life. My journey is not linear, but there are big themes that have marked big changes in my life. Much of my journey was spent living against my own true nature, of not being connected to my own innate value and wholeness and wisdom. And many rough initiations and soul whispers rerouted me to another way. A life-honoring way. A nourishing way. A deeply relational way. I moved away from trying to fix, control, punish, contort, & suppress myself to learning to deeply listen, accept, trust, express, & hold myself with reverent curiosity & compassion. Daily practices. Life changing practices. Everything we're taught to find outside of ourselves, we hold within. Nothing was ever wrong with you, and you get to rewrite & live into the stories that reflect your truth.

I trust in what you hold within. I know you are full of gifts and brilliance and beauty. My work is to guide and support you back home: back to your true nature. Back into deep connection with your body, your wholeness, & your innate wisdom, worth, & power. It all starts with the relationship we have to ourselves. I currently offer 1-1 coaching & breathwork, as well as groups, workshops, and courses. A deeper sense of connection, belonging, nourishment, aliveness, and meaning are available to you. Being a hand to hold while you remember & rediscover all that's here is my life's work. 

Words I live by: 

Be and create what you want to see in the world.

Lauren Faulk is a certified Holistic Wellness Coach/Nutritionist & a certified Breathwork Facilitator. She began her wellness career in the area of nutrition, which has evolved & expanded greatly over the last decade. She believes that transforming the way way we see and relate to ourselves, creating a sense of safety within, and living in alignment with our true nature is the foundation for a healthy life and society. Lauren takes a holistic and integrative approach that acknowledges the connection between the mind, body, soul & environment; honoring its innate capacity to heal and return to a state of vitality and wholeness. 

She believes emotions, as well as physical or mental symptoms, are messengers showing us where to direct our attention and care. Her work is to guide and support clients in learning to listen and bring awareness to the body and its language; to their emotions and the core wounds and beliefs that subconsciously operate below the surface. By bringing these to light, knowing that they serve a purpose, and then somatically releasing the emotional energy bound to them, clients clear energetic constriction from their body and life. This opens up the door a relationship and life of compassion, acceptance, and trust. Lauren provides 1:1 breathwork sessions, group sessions, workshops, & coaching to hold space for clients in this process, empowering them to rewrite their stories & to remember the wisdom, power & gifts that they have within. 

  • Holistic Health Coach & Nutritionist Certification, AFPA Health, Nutrition, & Fitness
  • Breathwork Facilitator Certification (Levels 1-5), with David Elliott
  • SmartBody SmartMind Alumni (Nervous System Regulation/Somatic Experiencing), with Irene Lyon
  • MotherCircle Facilitator Certification, with Kimberly Ann Johnson & Jessica Connolly 
  • Relationship Anxiety Course, with Sheryl Paul
  • Entering the Healing Ground: Grief Ritual Leadership Training, with Francis Weller                         (currently steeped in this training)


Are you ready to remember your wholeness & reconnect to the wisdom you hold within?

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