• (1 to 6)  1:1 weekly sessions via Zoom (55 mins. each -  number of sessions decided during a clarity call)  

• Session notes with a recap of what we discussed,
   plus weekly focus-points, intentions & practices

• Resources to go along with each weekly focus 

• Email support between sessions 

1:1 Coaching

what's included:

Session Details:

1:1 coaching is for you if you are looking for extra support and guidance on understanding & transforming your deeper beliefs and patterns (thinking, emotional, behavioral) and reconnecting to your intuition, while learning practices and tools to use in your day to day life. You may be aware of some of your core beliefs and patterns that have been running the show and are ready to live into some new ways. You may be ready to create a life that's in alignment with your true self and that honors all of who you are. You may be wanting a deeper sense of meaning, connection, and aliveness in life. 

Whatever it is, I'm here to remind you that change is possible! When you start from the inside, it will ripple out & transform every aspect of your life.

We can work on any area of your life - nutrition, body image, emotions, career, partnership, friendship. The focus with any external change is going to start with your relationship to yourself. This is how we create lasting transformation, by going to the root. Understanding and transforming beliefs, patterns, emotions, and behaviors  in one area will create change in all the other areas. 

areas of focus:

Session Details:


Clears stored energy & emotions
Dissolves limiting beliefs
Strengthens intuition
Supports nervous system regulation
Supports emotional regulation 
Heals stored trauma 

Breathwork is an active meditation technique, referred to as Prayanama, and has been used for centuries as a natural healing modality. How could something we do everyday be that powerful? I get it. I had similar thoughts at first. And then I tried it. Not only is our breath incredibly powerful for healing the mind-body-spirit, but something deep inside of me recognized it as medicine. Something that had been missing. A vehicle that brought me into a deep connection with the innate wisdom embedded in the human body and soul. 

The practice opens the door to self-exploration, healing & expansion. It takes you out of your thinking mind (those thought loops + stories that replay) and into your body and its electrical circuit (aka nervous system/subconscious/storehouse of emotions and stress). Throughout our lives, from as early as being in utero, unresolved trauma and chronic stress, which is incredibly common in the world we live in today, causes dysregulation within our systems.  This particular breath pattern and experience creates physiological changes that bring the mind-body-spirit back into balance and aids in regulating the nervous system and emotional body. By accessing the subconscious & body at a deeper level, it allows for the release of stuck energy, stored emotions & reprogramming of limited beliefs. This clearing helps you to establish safety within and clears out the noise and accumulation so that you can connect to your own energy, intuition, and innate wisdom. This allows for more authenticity, clarity, creativity,  and emotional balance in your life. And for many, it's a direct connection to Source.  

Each session and experience has the potential to unlock something different within. It's one of those experiences where words can never fully express it's magnitude. Breathwork will remind you that you have the tools & power within, and that wholeness & harmony are your natural states. It's a powerful practice for returning there.

I'm currently offering 1:1 sessions, as well as breathwork groups. The guided breathwork session is a 75 minute session, currently taking place virtually (via Zoom). This allows you to practice in a comfortable location at home. Some groups are in person in Atlanta, GA.

Each session is unique and based on your individual needs and intention for that session. The first portion of the session focuses on inquiry, setting of intentions, and becoming grounded prior to breathing. This includes time for you to share anything that's on your mind, in your body, or any area of your life that may need attention at the time. We then move into the guided breathing practice. Time is provided at the end for discussions and/or questions. 

Soothes stored grief
Relieves stress & anxiety 
Stimulates creativity
Enhances inner clarity 
Opens the heart 
Promotes relaxation

Improves sleep patterns 
Enhances immune function
Supports addiction recovery
Increases emotional resiliency 
Strengthens relationship to self 
Restores sense of agency

Some of the Benefits:

Session Details:

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"Overall, it was a very powerful healing experience emotionally and I felt deeply connected on a spiritual level. Lauren did an amazing job teaching me about the practice and guiding me through the session. She is a kind soul and a wonderful breathwork facilitator. Following the session, I definitely felt more clear headed and energized, as well as more patient with my young girls. It freed up a lot of brain space and really helped me feel much more at peace internally."


Ginny M.