1:1 Offerings

• (6) 1:1 weekly sessions via Zoom (55 mins. each)

• Session notes with a recap of what we discussed,
   plus weekly focus-points & intentions

• PDF resources to go along with each weekly focus 

• Email & text support between sessions 

• A welcome package sent in the mail 

6-Week 1:1 Coaching program 

what's included:

Program Details:

If you're interested in the 6-week coaching program, please schedule a free 20 minute clarity call by clicking on the "I'm ready" link below. The clarity call gives us both the opportunity to make sure the program & what you're looking for are aligned. You'll also be able to ask any questions you may have about the program. 

My 6-Week 1:1 Coaching Program is for the person who is ready to transform the relationship they have with themselves: their body, their emotions, their beliefs & the way they see themselves. You may feel stuck or disconnected. You want to make changes, but don't know how to move forward and are realizing that you were never meant to do it alone. You know there's more. You know  you're being called to evolve, to go deeper within. You know it's time to reprogram beliefs that are preventing you from living a life where you feel nourished, connected, present and in alignment with your truest self.

When you create a relationship with yourself grounded in self-worth, self-understanding and radical self-acceptance, it ripples out & transforms every aspect of life.

You begin to prioritize yourself. You become deeply connected to your body & start to see it as an ally instead of an enemy. You learn to listen to its messages and trust your own intuition. You're able to honor your needs: you eat when you're hungry, you rest when your energy is low, you say no when you need to say no. You're able to be with & nurture  your emotions, without judgement. You can be vulnerable with yourself and others, making space for deeper, more genuine connections. The inner critic gets quieter and is replaced with a voice of compassion. You gain clarity around your values & start to live in alignment with your truth & purpose. You begin to honor your time & energy and establish boundaries, without guilt. You begin to reconnect to your creativity and the things that bring you joy. You regain agency. Life starts to feel freer and more expansive. You begin to live from a place of authenticity, love & intention, no longer feeling the constant grip of stress, anxiety or fear.  

This isn't a quick fix, linear coaching program. We never arrive to a place of perfection and complete happiness in life. This work is about moving away from those ideals. It's about building our capacity to be with all of life and transforming the way we relate to ourselves & the world around us. We won't get to mastery level of anything in 6 weeks (if ever!), but we will plant the seeds, build the foundation and begin implementing the daily practices that will continue to deepen after our work together. 

who is the 1:1 coaching program for?

6-Week Coaching:

I use a holistic and integrative approach that acknowledges & honors the connection between the mind, body, soul & environment. Everything is interconnected and being able to look at the whole picture (& person) allows for a clearer & deeper understanding of what practices will best support you. It also creates real, sustainable transformation by going below the surface of behaviors, beliefs and habits. 

My approach is inquiry-driven (curiosity & compassion always), allowing for a clear understanding of your values, needs, intentions & capacity. Based on that information, customized guidance, support, tools and resources are provided. Life is not one-size-fits all and that belief is held with respect with any service I provide. 

I also hold the belief that no one knows what's best for you, better than you. And with that, is the belief that we absolutely need the support and mirroring of others. My role is to guide, support, encourage & ultimately, to point you back in the direction of yourself. I know without a doubt that you hold the answers & wisdom within. I'm here to help you remember that truth, to reconnect to that place & to reclaim agency & sovereignty over your life.

my approach:

1:1 guided breathwork session 

What is breathwork?

The Practice: 

Clears stored energy & emotions
Dissolves limiting beliefs
Strengthens intuition
Supports nervous system regulation
Supports emotional regulation 
Heals stored trauma 

Breathwork is an active meditation technique, referred to as Prayanama, and has been used for centuries as a natural healing modality.

The practice opens the door to deep self-exploration, connection, healing & expansion. By accessing the subconscious at a deeper level, we're able to release stuck energy & stored emotions, as well as conditioned beliefs & behavioral patterns that often impact & limit our lives in a variety of ways. 

By moving into the body and releasing what's accumulated, we're then able to connect with our heart, spirit, creativity & intuition. Each session and experience has the potential to unlock something different within.  Breathwork reminds us that we have the tools & power within, and that wholeness & harmony are our natural states. This is a powerful practice for returning there. 

What to expect: 

Session Details: 

The Guided Breathwork session is a 75 minute session, currently taking place virtually (via Zoom). This allows you to practice in a comfortable location at home. In person sessions will be offered in the near future.

Each session is unique and based on your individual needs and intention for that session. The first portion of the session focuses on inquiry, setting of intentions, and becoming grounded prior to breathing. This includes time for you to share anything that's on your mind, in your body, or any area of your life that may need attention at the time. We then move into the breathing practice, where you're guided & supported in a safe, co-regulated space.

Time is provided at the end for discussions and/or questions. If you're ready to book a breathwork session, please click the "I'm ready" link below. 

Soothes stored grief
Relieves stress & anxiety 
Stimulates creativity
Enhances inner clarity 
Opens the heart 
Promotes relaxation

Improves sleep patterns 
Enhances immune function
Supports addiction recovery
Increases emotional resiliency 
Strengthens relationship to self 
Restores sense of agency


"I went into a deep spiritual state and felt very connected, as well as physically felt energies leaving my body. Overall it was a very powerful healing experience emotionally and Lauren did an excellent job teaching, guiding and wrapping up our session. She is a kind soul and an awesome breathwork facilitator. Following the session, I definitely felt more clear headed and energized, as well as more patient with my girls. I feel like it freed up a lot of brain space and made me feel more at peace in general."


Ginny M., Roswell, GA

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There is no place so awake and alive as the edge of becoming. But more than that, birthing the kind of woman who can authentically say 'my soul is my own' and then embody it in her life, her spirituality, and her community is worth the risk and hardship."

Sue Monk Kidd