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How freeing & life-giving would it be to feel at home in your body, to trust it to lead you, and to replace restriction, control & fear with nourishment, trust & love? To have a deep connection with yourself, others & life? And to believe that you were worthy of those things (without striving for perfection)? That’s what I’m here for! To guide you in that direction and support you along the way! I believe true health and well-being starts there, with our relationship to ourselves. Learning to listen to, care for & trust your body, to fill your life with nourishment, to practice self-compassion, to honor your emotions and needs, and to live grounded in your worthiness & wholeness. Gifts to both yourself & the world! We get you there together, taking a holistic, intuitive, sustainable (and fun!) approach to living well.


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Health Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, & Wellness + Healing Educator 

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