An in person journey to reconnect & tap into the full expression of all that's blossoming within.

count me in!

A season to blossom

Katie Johnson, Photographer

Lauren Faulk, Holistic Wellness Coach & Breathwork Facilitator 

Date: May 15 Time: 10 AM- 12 PM
Location: Novel O4W
525 North Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

An in person gathering. 
Some of the best words I’ll say in 2021! 

And after this past year, the thought of hosting one lights me UP! 

Even more so to be able to do it with Katie Johnson, phenomenal photographer + creative canary (trying to keep with the alliteration but a songbird is fitting). Truly one of the most caring + hilarious humans.

We both share a passion for empowering women and a belief that beauty is found in you being you! Your whole, magical self. We also know this is no small feat and that we’re wired for connection and to be in community with people who can truly see us and support us - in our wholeness - our confusion, our becoming, our gifts, our humanness. 

To be in safe places where we can fully express ourselves and have conversations about the things that truly matter. 
Places where you can come, as you are. Differences celebrated. 

And after a year of disconnection, loss, grief, and uncertainty, we’d love for you to do just that.

Maybe new seeds have been planted or certain parts of you are asking (or begging) to be brought to life.

Maybe you have this inner knowing that “this” isn’t how things are supposed to be & you want to create something new.

Maybe you’re on a personal journey of reclaiming your relationship with yourself, starting a new venture, or wanting to show up to life in a different way - a way that honors all of you.

Maybe you just feel like “I can’t do this anymore!!! Who am I!” 

We see you! We’re on this journey with you! 

We all have parts that’ve gotten buried. Stories of not enough and too much that we’re unraveling. Dreams and gifts we’re reclaiming. Voices we’re learning to express. Fears around being seen that we continue to go deeper with. Losses we’re grieving.  And we know a part of it is being able to do it together.

So if you’re in a season of blossoming, we'd love for you to join us! 

-Anais Nin

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

90 minute workshop 

Professional mini photoshoot (details below!)

Light food & drinks 

Bonus guide for nurturing your relationship to Self 

what's included:

You'll receive...

Workshop topics: self-expression, reclaiming your wholeness, being seen, belonging (our need for connection to self & community) + more.

Mini photoshoot to put it all into practice + let yourself shine!

Creative shoot set-up.

10 professional, edited photos, delivered through a gallery.

Support team & hype women. Yas, honey! 

Endless possibilities for photo options. And FUN. Did we mention fun?

Let's talk about the special photography session...

Pssst, y'all - it's really the best! 

This is an amazing opportunity for...just about anyone. :) Honestly. Whether you're wanting some professional photos for yourself to honor this transition and becoming in your life or if you're making your way into a new business.

All of this is valued at over $400...

we're putting it into one package!

Workshop (w/ food & drinks) - $150

Mini Photography Session - $225

Bonus Guide - $50

Time To Connect, Create & Express - Priceless

one time payment of $200

We hope to see you there!